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About Annie Walker

HEIGHT: She's 5'5" without her signature Christian Louboutin heels.
WEIGHT: About 125. Or so.
POSTURE/MOVEMENT: She's a spy, and a good one, and it shows in her movements. She's graceful and stealthy, and can fight in close hand to hand combat if necessary.
EYES/HAIR: Blonde hair, brown eyes.
EVERY DAY LOOK: Best defined [right here], Annie wears jeans and shoes that are appropriate for the occasion, unless a more professional look is needed. In Medietas, she feels less a need to dress like she did at home or on Atia. She carries a small black backpack that houses small cars, a wooden block set given to her by Henry for her boys, and her ID, keys, etc.
EVERY DAY ACCESSORIES: Device, hair ties, lip balm, wedding ring, sunglasses, backpack, keys to the house.
SCARS/MARKS: Annie has two bullet scars between her breasts (pictured above). Behind her right shoulder is a small scar from shrapnel hitting her and a makeshift stitching.
MEDICAL: Annie has a heart condition, caused by the shooting that nearly killed her and left the scars on her chest. Some of it is here and more is here, but really it's the show playing fast & loose with 'cardiomyopathy' for fun storytelling.
CRAU: Annie spent three and a half years on Atia ([community profile] amatomnes); there she met Dean Winchester and they had twin sons on May 18, 2014 - JJ & Maverick. On February 29, 2016, Annie & Dean got married in a very private ceremony.