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[Ratchet & Henry]


It was entirely possible that the whole story would have never been known, except that the two men closest to Annie were not just any two men; Henry Sturges had a direct line to the most important people in Washington, higher than the D/CIA himself, and Ratchet wasn't a man.

They had their answers, even if the rest of the world would never know.

Unlike a lot of fallen operatives, Annie's body came home, in a flag covered casket. She had left very specific instructions - no big funeral, no large wake. Something small, very intimate. Close friends, maybe family. A graveside service, a few simple words.

She didn't want anything extravagant because she wasn't extravagant, despite her love of expensive shoes and men who wore suits that cost more than most DC rent.

Before she'd left on her mission, she'd scrawled a quick note: 'Home soon, dinner's on you guys... dessert's on me.' She'd added a smiley face and an 'A' as her signature before kissing it to leave a lipstick mark. It was the last thing she'd done before she died.

And now she was gone. Forever.
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It had been a difficult few days since the knock at their door, and the flurry of activity beforehand. He had a sinking feeling even before the official acknowledgement with the dark suits, and sorrowful faces.

But Annie had a list, and he was going to keep himself and Henry sane while doing what she wanted. Then, well, then he would really take care of matters.

He was quiet, efficient, and very firm with anyone who stood in his way. Black suit, white shirt, bright blue tie, shoes polished to a mirror shine and all costing more than most people pay in rent, Ratchet was dressed for a very difficult day.

He moved down the hall, looking for Henry, feet quiet against the polished wood floor. It wasn't a home anymore, but a house, echoing with the lack of a certain person.
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Henry had not taken any of this ... well. It was only the strength of Ratchet's will, and sometimes even his physical form, that kept the vampire from heading off into the streets for wholesale slaughter. Now, he sat in the bedroom the three of them shared - had shared - and stared at Annie's vanity.

His suit was on, but his tie was tossed across the bed haphazardly, and his hair was mussed. He hadn't fed for days, so he looked wan, and tight around the skin. He didn't care. He just ... didn't care.

He heard Ratchet moving along the hallway, and called out hoarsely. "I'm in the bedroom."
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Ratchet stepped across the threshold, knowing it wasn't eve going to be the same. He paused before the bed, hand touching the coolness of Henry's face.

"Henry, you should feed a little before you go. Just to get you through this. Then I have a list of people responsible for this entire debacle that needs a nice visit. Can you hold on for me, just a little?"

Maybe it was treading very close to breaking his oath to Optimus so very long ago, but in this, perhaps it was necessary and even on the side of the outcome outweighing the means. But there had been no need for her to have even gone there, her skillset too advanced for a simple mission. It wasn;t an accident of circumstance or chaos, but something else. Ratchet was sure of it, or perhaps it was his grief speaking.

"Let me fix your hair and tie, and we'll go." He also was fussy, but it was either that, or show that he was hurting far more than he allowed himself to show. It wouldn't do to fall apart, not yet.
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Henry looked up at Ratchet, absurdly grateful that he was so well put together. That he seemed so cool, and calm, and implacable, as always. As if their world hadn't crumbled, right beneath their feet. He made a face.

"I don't wish to feed. I am not ... hungry." And he wasn't, but his face contorted into the monster's when Ratchet mentioned the list. "Good. They'll see me. Soon."

He pushed himself to his feet, like a man whose limbs had been still for years instead of minutes, and let Ratchet fuss him into place. In turn, he reached up to smooth down his lapel. Then he looked at his lover, his voice quiet. "Must we?"
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The calmness and collectedness was mostly a facade, brought on by eons of civil war and death, honed by personal experience and the need to be strong, to be the bedrock for Henry. Annie was just the freshest cut on his Spark, and he wasn't ready to lose Henry. Not yet. He would give Henry the list, and let him deal as he saw fit. Then they would rebuild. Voice equally quiet, his hand sliding down to cup Henry's neck.

"We must. For her. Others will expect someone for her, and we, we are the only ones in that room who know the true Annie. They can say goodbye to the person they thought was Annie, and we will witness and say goodbye in our own way."
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He breathed in, trying to pull centuries of reserve up. He leaned his forehead against Ratchet's, nodding his head silently at his words, his soft explanations. He knew that Ratchet was right -- that Annie would want them there. To mourn, and remember her, as only they could. Yet to know that someone there had had her killed ...

He sucked in another unnecessary breath, fingers gripping down on Ratchet's arms, before he straightened. Pulling that perfect, impassive mask of his into place. Putting away sorrow to emotionally numbed apathy. "Very well. I am ready to leave."
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Ratchet huffed, and dropped a kiss on Henry's forehead, before pulling away. He didn't want to lose Henry, too, and he was afraid that Annie was the only thing holding them together.

"The car is downstairs."

He would give the list to Henry. And whatever Henry came up with, he would look the other way. A very fine distinction, but perhaps Optimus would forgive him this.
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He nodded his head, before tugging his cuffs into place. Then, without a word, he reached down and folded Ratchet's hand into his. Squeezed it, tightly, before leading him towards the door.

He could not lose them both. If he did, he would slip back into the cool darkness. He had to keep this alone.
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They went down the stairs to the waiting car, Ratchet silent. It was going to be a very difficult service, and he was just trying to get through it without breaking. It wouldn't do.

It was a difficult service, but beautiful, and just how Annie would have wanted. A quiet reading, flowers, and at her graveside, exactly how she had outlined in a letter Ratchet found shortly after that dreadful telegram.

Ratchet refused to speak more than necessary, taking the brunt of the social burden.
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Henry didn't cry. He thought he would, but perhaps the tears were all dried out of him. He just stood at Annie's graveside, looking down at the flowers that are rested on her coffin. He bit his lower lip, just once, but said very little.

He did stand there, and take on all the well-wishers. With a nod, a brief and sad smile, and a quiet, "Thank you."
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Ratchet rested a warm hand on the small of Henry's back, careful to not flick an eyelash at the nerve of some of the guests. But oh, he knew. And he knew just how badly Henry was handling this. Sure, on the surface, he played the part, but underneath, not so well.

He stood, watching them put dirt on Annie, locking her into the ground, far away from the two people who loved her. It was his duty to watch until the job was complete, then his would begin.
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Henry's expression didn't change when he heard some of the slyly snide comments, but his dark eyes noted each person. Marked them as someone to look into that they were responsible for Annie's death. In truth, he watched them all, but Ratchet.

Ratchet, he trusted.

He stayed by the graveside, even as others started to wander away. Going back to their cars, to go to the reception afterwards, and where they would add Annie's star to the wall at the CIA.

He waited, until he knew he and Ratchet were alone, before he spoke hoarsely. "Just this, and then ... I go."
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Ratchet's jaw bulged as he nodded, knowing he couldn't keep Henry if Henry wanted to leave, but he also didn't want to be left alone.

"Come back to me, Henry. That's all I ask." Gruffly spoken, pitched low enough for Henry to hear and no one else, for he didn't trust that even a funeral would not be bugged by the CIA.

"We'll speak more when you return, Henry."
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Henry slid his hands around Ratchet's, pulling him closer so he could lean his forehead against his, his voice rough and quiet. "I promise, I will come back. I will not leave you alone."

He looked up at him, dark eyes searching blue ones. "Promise that you'll wait for me. That you will not hare off to your battles in space ... at least not without saying goodbye first. We must ... you are right, and we cannot let our grief ... overwhelm us."

He bowed his head, and let out a bitter laugh. "At least, no more than usual."
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"You'll know where to find me, Henry. I do not plan on leaving this world just yet. I have people here to keep me." He felt the coolness of Henry contrasting with his own warmth, his hands trembling just a little. He had Annie's grave to watch over, for she mustn't be lonely at night, and Henry to anchor him to this planet that was losing its allure minute by minute as a small voice contemplated just how easy it was to destroy versus building in the back of his mind.

"I carry many pieces of those who've gone on before me, Henry. I endure. As we must."
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"Good... good." He squeezed the other man's hands in his, before leaning forward to kiss him. Pressing his mouth against Ratchet's, he caught up his lips. As if to press him into staying just by connecting them together by kisses and physical presence. He ran his hands through that hair that they had both liked to touch, and held on.

For himself. For Ratchet, and for Annie, who could not, any longer.

"Yes ... I know. We endure, because we must."