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Name:Annie Walker
Birthdate:Aug 8
Location:Dist. of Columbia, United States of America
Annie Walker, CIA

A 36-year old CIA operative who was pulled a month early from the Farm to help the CIA lure in a rogue agent - her ex.

The History
An Army brat who was raised all over the world, Annie came back to the United States to go to Georgetown University. Once she graduated (with honors), she spent the next four years backpacking around the globe. She's done humanitarian work in third world countries and once spent three weeks on a beach in Sri Lanka, which is where she fell in love with Ben Mercer. He left her in the middle of the night with nothing but a goodbye note, a shell bracelet and a fifty dollar bar tab.

Two years later, she was recruited by the CIA for her exceptional language skills.

Annie is canon compliant for series of Covert Affairs.

The Random Facts
= She speaks quite a few languages, including English, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Hebrew, German, and Portuguese fluently, along with Arabic, Estonian, Chinese, Mongolian, Swedish and Sinhalese with varying success.

= She has three weaknesses: Christian Louboutins, good coffee & men in three piece suits.

= She has one sister and two nieces - though she no longer sees them as often as she'd like, having moved out of her sister's guest house once her true occupation was discovered.

= She can find and name most of the constellations in the sky; her father taught them to her when she was young.

= Her favorite movie is The Empire Strikes Back.

I am not Piper Perabo or an operative with the CIA. Don't own Covert Affairs. That'd be USA.
Both character & mun are over 21.
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