kittenheeled: (Bang)
Annie Walker ([personal profile] kittenheeled) wrote2012-05-15 12:13 am
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[Hell on Heels] -- An Annie Walker Fanmix

1) An American Girl [--] Tom Petty
2) Short Skirt, Long Jacket [--] Cake
3) Party in the CIA [--] Weird Al
4) 4 Minutes [--] Madonna
5) One Girl Revolution [--] Saving Jane
6) Supergirl [--] Saving Jane
7) Hell On Heels [--] Pistol Annies
8) Low [--] Flo Rida
9) Oh Yeah [--] Yello
1o) Annie Waits [--] Ben Folds
11) Comeback [--] Redlight King
12) Shake It Out [--] Florence & The Machine

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